PrettyLittleLiars1 Are you an Aria? Aeropostale's "Pretty Little Liars" collection will range from $18-$72.
Credit: Aeropostale

Similar to Banana Republic's "Mad Men" collection, Aeropostale has partnered with Warner Bros. for a collection based on the teen thriller "Pretty Little Liars" that launches in stores today — just in time for the show's winter premier.

PLL costume designer Mani Line modeled the range on the styles of fashion-forward characters Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer.

“I knew fashion would play an important part in the show from the start," said Line in a release. "It’s so rewarding to create a line that truly brings the style of these 'it' girls to life."


Not that you have to copy the characters' looks exactly — Line intended the pieces to easily mix and match based on personal taste. And shoppers have the perk of seeing their purchases pop up onscreen: Line incorporated the collection into the characters' wardrobes throughout the season.

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