Never settle for a dirty public restroom again. Never settle for a dirty public restroom again.

One of the greatest struggles of city life is where to go to the bathroom when you are out and about. Businesses don't exactly like it when an endless stream of people wander in and out to use their facilities. What are you supposed to do, however? New York City, for one, doesn't give one iota of a crap (get it?) about public restrooms. Luckily, there is now an app for that.

It's calledAirpnp, in an obvious homage to home-renting utility Airbnb, as it works in exactly the same way. People rent out their, hopefully clean, toilets and you cruise the app in search of somewhere to have a few minutes to yourself to "read a magazine." It was started by two New Orleans residents who were fed up having to hold it during Mardi Gras festivities. Hopefully they received some beads for their great idea.

This is a new venture — however so you won't be finding too many around town. New York City has around six as of this writing, Philadelphia has around three and Boston is stuck with just one.


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