coffee As if you needed another reason to love coffee.

A booze-infused night usually leads to a coffee-craving morning. But when making a rational decision, it's always better to reach for the Gatorade, right? Good news: Now you can give in to that coffee craving without worrying about dehydration. According to a new study, coffee doesn't dehydrate you at all, debunking a long-believed myth.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham School of Sport and Exercise studied 50 coffee drinkers, who consumed between three and six cups of coffee a day. Compared with a group who drank water instead of coffee, they found that there was no difference as far as hydration was concerned.


So next time you find yourself in a little morning-after pain, you can fuel up on coffee a little more guilt-free. And that's good news because the fewer hungover decisions you have to make, the better.

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