SeeMe takes your filtered photos and turns them into wearable art. Credit: Provided SeeMe takes your filtered photos and turns them into wearable art.
Credit: Provided

App art just reached a new level. SeeMe is similar to Instagram, in that it’s a feed of photos, but what makes it different is that, with a few clicks, you can turn any image in your feed into a T-shirt.

“There are some amazing photos on SeeMe that you’re not going to find anywhere else,” says founder William Etundi. Many artists use SeeMe to post their unique illustrations, but there are still the beloved Internet trends, like cats. “Cat images are very popular as T-shirt prints, [and they] look amazing,” says Etundi.


SeeMe started back in 2012 as a community for artists and grew rapidly. The people behind the app wanted to find a way their images could be shared as social objects, just like Polaroid photographs were in the ’70s and ’80s. With SeeMe, they found a way artists could earn money and get their work “out there.”

Users can use hashtags to find whatever they’re looking for out of the more than 27 million images.“Sometimes the most random images look the coolest because they’re unexpected,” says Etundi.Once you’ve chosen an image you want on a T-shirt, you can manipulate it by zooming in or out, and also design your own front and back however you want.“This way each and every T-shirt is unique,” says Etundi.It costs $26 to turn your own photo into a T-shirt and $32 to use someone else’s art, with $6 going to the original photographer.

Even though there are other ways you can design your own T-shirt, SeeMe is the only place where you can create an all-over print, Etundi tells us.“The best part is that with our app, unlike others, it takes only seconds to make a stunning shirt or product.”

The funniest T-shirt Etundi has done is a picture of one of his co-workers. And now everyone in the SeeMe offices is running around with it. “It’s hilarious,” says Etundi. “We’re wearing our co-worker to work!”

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