Because you don't want a photo this important to get lost in technology limbo.Getty Images

Apple has manned up to ease the process of consciously uncoupling from your iPhone.


One of the major hurdles in switching from an iOS device to another phone is that iMessagedidn't, well, get the message, and would continue to try to route texts as iMessagesfrom your former fellow Cult of Mac members to your new non-Apple device. The result was a lot of cursing at cellphone service providers, who were (for once) not the ones to blame.


Now, after promising a fix back in May, there's finally a tool to deregister iMessage, even if you've since parted ways with your Apple device. Just enter your phone number and wait for a code to be sent to your phone, which you enter into the website to confirm your desire to breathe the not-so-free air outside of Apple's biosphere.