Going to events makes you more interesting. It's science!Getty Images

Ever wonder how interesting you really are? Dos Equis is looking for a new Most Interesting Man, and to find him, they've created a tool to rank the entire world's "interestingness."

The German-Mexican beer brand partnered with Facebook to create theDos Equis Interesting Index, an algorithm that ranks anyone with a profile on the social network not just among their friends, but the rest of the world.

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This highly scientific process looks at four categories: originality, thirst for knowledge, worldliness and sense of adventure. The results, however, is a mystery — the tool decided that my most interesting trait is "kept a houseplant alive for multiple months," not, say, having been to five out of seven continents. Maybe the people at Dos Equis are avid gardeners.


Not happy with your ranking? You can "Boost Your Interestingness" by ordering "something you can't pronounce at dinner" and acquiring "something that could be considered an artifact." Now you know.

ICYMI, back in Marchthe original Most Interesting Man got bored with Earth and blasted off on a one-way trip to Mars. His successor will be revealed later this summer.

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