The Great Sleeping Bear “The Great Sleeping Bear” is comprised of faux fur, rubber, foam and glass eyes. Credit: Contributed

Eiko Ishizawa’s sleeping bag, “The Great Sleeping Bear,”isn't your usual sleeping bag. The Japanese artist’s bear – comprised of faux fur, rubber, foam and glass eyes – is an homage to the famed brown bearBruno, who captured international attention when he escaped from the Italian side of the Alps into Bavaria where he was hunted down and killed in 2006. The artist tells Metro why she loves to wear a bear to bed.

Bears are terrifying, especially while camping, so why on earth would you want to make a bear sleeping bag?
I was interested in the tragic story because the bear created fear and misunderstanding amongst the locals and I wanted to create my own kind of illusion with this sleeping bag.

What’s it like to sleep inside a bear?
It’s a dichotomy between feeling like I’ve killed and skinned the


bear and being eaten. Either way, it’s always strange to look out from behind the bear’s teeth and nose, but it is very comfortable inside.

Children have cuddly toys to keep away night terrors, so is this the adult equivalent that you’ll be taking camping?
Yes, it’s huge and makes you feel like a giant bear. I definitely feel safe at night.

Another way to feel safe at night is to sleep with a partner. Can you fit two people inside?
Sadly not! But I would definitely make a double for a special request.

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