Networking is about creating situations where two people can benefit from knowing each other. Not everyone is a good business contact, however, just like not everyone is a good business lead. You need to be selective about those with whom you connect. Just because everyone in the world could be part of your network doesn’t mean you can’t be more exclusive. Here are five types of people to avoid:

1. The user. When you see that someone is constantly asking you questions, yet ignoring your e-mails requests, stay away from them.

2. The pessimist. Don’t surround yourself with people who have a negative outlook on life. If you connect with people that have a positive attitude, it will be reflected in your own attitude!

3. The big talker. These people make promises but can’t keep them. Don’t even bother depending on them because they will never come through.

4. The self-promoter. Nobody likes someone who’s self-centered. They don’t care about your feelings or interests.

5. The social climber. Have you ever been to a networking event where someone looks past you to talk to a “more important” person? Avoid them!

— Dan Schawbel
is the author of “Me 2.0,” the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, LLC, and a personal branding expert.

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