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Barnes & Noble offering textbook options for students

Dreading text book costs this fall? Barnes & Noble says it will save students $200 million this academic year.

Think you won't find the cheapest text books at a big box retailer? Think again. Barnes and Noble could be your best source for used, rental and digital textbooks this coming school year.

The company projects it will save more than $200 million for the four million students who use Barnes $ Noble College campus bookstores. Up to 50 percent can be saved through the store's textbooks rentals. Used books are discounted up to 25 percent and that savings can jump to 75 percent if you sell those books back to a Barnes & Noble College bookstore at the end of term. Up to 60 percent can be saved through Barnes a& Noble's digital textbooks.

An expanded selection of NOOK e-readers will also be sold at the company's campus bookstores. In addition, Barnes & Noble has launched NOOK Study, a free digital study platform and eTextbook reader application. It can be downloaded to a PC or Mac, with no need for an additional device or tablet.

Barnes & Noble says it has increased the availability and selection of less expensive textbook options to make the process easier for students. The company was the first major retailer to offer a multi-channel textbook rental program.

Students can rent their books at the campus bookstore or through its website, reducing the need to pay shipping costs.

"Not surprisingly, given the dramatic impact the current economy has had on higher education costs, finding ways to make college more affordable is on everyone's mind," said Jade Roth, vice president of books and digital strategy at Barnes & Noble. "Our research shows that two-thirds of professors consider textbook pricing in selecting their coursework."

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