Is a beard transplant for you? Is a beard transplant for you?
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What’s all the fuzz about? Bushy beards are so much the envy of the boyishly bare-faced that hair implants among the young fashionable fraternity are a growing trend.

Dr. Theodoros Vernikos, a leading name in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) surgery based at London’s Real Hair Clinic, explains why the follicular fashion is starting to sprout.

Firstly, what’s the most bizarre hair transplant you’ve done?
The most bizarre transplant was a mid-50s man who had his pubic hair transplanted because he wanted to have more natural hair in that area.


That’s an odd one. Why has the popularity of beard implants grown in recent years?
Over the past few years, Asian and Arab patients wanted hairs reinforced in the beard area — it’s a cultural thing. It doesn’t only apply to them; some people lose hair through alopecia, so it can be a treatment of choice. Nowadays many are having the procedure for fashion reasons.

Can patients choose the design?
Yes, of course — this is the most important part. We do a design and draw over the area which needs to be transplanted to give them the idea of the border and density.

Is the transplant a permanent solution?
Once you have taken the hairs from the back of the head, they are never going to fall out because genetically they are programmed not to fall out.

How does the popularity of beard implants compare in terms of popularity to other male procedures?
I would say that the beard transplant accounts for 3 to 5 percent and it’s the same for eyebrow surgery.

What other hair procedure trends are there?
We see women who used to pluck their eyebrows causing the hairs to become weak and thin or have had a permanent micropigmentation and want natural hair in their eyebrows. There are also a few men who are losing eyebrows in the corner and they would like them to be restored.

Do celebrities have an effect on hair procedure trends?
Yes, especially nowadays with TV presenters and footballers like Wayne Rooney having transplants. He caused a huge spike in demand.

What’s the cost?
The cost depends on the number of grafts. A beard, mustache or eyebrows wouldn’t exceed $3,325.

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