1 “Not all doodles are for the sensitive eyes. Be selective with whom you choose to show your most personal doodles to.”

2 “If you get harassed about doodling instead of doing something else supposedly much more important, inform your harasser that you are merely dealing with the problem in a non-linear way,” he advises. “Your subconscious is working hard on solving whatever needs to be accomplished.”

3 “As Da Vinci said, ‘One can never draw too many penguins in one day, as one can never take too many breaths of air.’”

4 “It doesn’t have to look right, seem right or even feel right. Anything is better than a blank page,” he says.

5 “One of the best times to doodle is when you have been wrongly accused of something or told off or humiliated in front of someone quite sexy or are having one of the worst days of the week. Any kind of boss-eating monster or disfiguration of a colleague or soup-spilling accident or explosion or catastrophe can help you take the edge off the situation.”

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