Pepsi is throwing a ton of cash -- $50 million, to be exact -- at Beyonce to make the singer the "face" of the company. Here's what the deal includes:


Beyonce's face will be found on limited-edition cans starting in March.

The singer will be featured in TV commercials, the biggest of which will debut after her Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance on Feb. 3. She will also appear in the usual media: billboards, magazine advertisements, etc.

Pepsi will sponsor her tour.

And here's where the deal might become an interesting collaboration: Pepsi will fund Beyonce's creative whims, which might not have explicit connection to the soda giant, per The New York Times. This might mean live events, videos, "a cool photo shoot" or anything that Beyonce might think of, said Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, the general manager of Parkwood Entertainment, Beyonce's company.


Is anyone else surprised by this collaboration? I know it's hard to say no to $50 million, but soda is bad, y'all. Isn't she worried about having to help shill something that is known to cause widespread health problems? Or am I just being all Michael Bloomberg about this? And, even looking past lending her image to a can of sugar, isn't Pepsi the No. 2 can of sugar? Leave Pepsi to Kelly Rowland, girl! You're a Coca-Cola star all the way.


Moore is off the hook in Miami


Demi Moore is hitting Miami in a big way. The actress has been spotted around town multiple nights in a row at nightclubs and hot spots, living it up until the wee hours, according to Us Weekly. “The whole table was drinking," a source says after seeing Moore’s gang kick off a recent night at club FDR. “She sat between two guys and was laughing, having fun.” The group then hit up several other clubs before arriving at Rec Room around 4 a.m. “They were all starving,” the source says. “They sat in the club eating burgers and fries and drinking beer until the club closed and the lights went on.” While Moore’s partying has led to problems before, including hospitalization and a stint in rehab earlier this year, a friend insists everything’s fine, telling the magazine that the actress is “in a good place” and “open to experiencing new things this year.”