amazon creative galaxy Amazon’s second original kids series "Creative Galaxy" debuts on Amazon Prime Instant Video.
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"Blues Clues" is a favorite of both parents and children and this Friday, Amazon Studios is premiering a new show from creator Angela Santomero. The show is called "Creative Galaxy" and has a strong emphasis on art. We called Santomero to get the inside scoop on what to expect.



What's the premise of the new show?


It is an interactive creative adventure series that we created with the goal of getting kids to be creative problem solvers and show ways that they can use art as a resource for life. We created a world that's an entire galaxy and each planet is a different art medium, like painting, paper or sculpting. The main character is named Artie and he is a little kid alien and takes the audience on his adventure with him. There is always a problem that he has to use art to solve.

Coming up with a main character that really connects to kids is so important. What were some of the things you thought about when creating Artie?

We weighed so many things. We did a lot of research and found that girls are more likely to jump into an art project than boys so we decided to do a boy character who could be any kid in a lot of ways. We wanted him to be the type of kid who wants to get dirty and make stuff. He's a little bit older than our preschool audience, so he's a leader they can look up to.

What about some of the other characters?

We try to show all sorts of kids that the audience will be able to relate to. There's one kid on the show who can't sit still - everyone knows a kid like that. He found it hard to do art because he couldn't sit still, so that 's when we introduced action painting, like splatter painting to show that you don't have to be still to do art.

Obviously art is the main focus of the show, but are there any other educational concepts that you try to get in throughout the series?

Yes. The show has a lot of creative problem solving and new ways of looking at the world. We go into research with every episode, with every script. We tweak and change the script based on what research recommends.

"Creative Galaxy" premiers July 27 on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

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