Bobbi Brown eyewear Two styles from Bobbi Brown's eyewear line.
Credit: Provided


Makeup artist Bobbi Brown is known for her signature black frames almost as much as she is her cosmetics line, so it seems only natural that she would expand her brand to include eyewear. Making her the first makeup artist to design eyewear, the line includes a range of sunglasses, eyewear and reading glasses.



Looking at the line, the designs clearly draw from the color palettes Brown's cosmetics line is famous for. There are soft shades of nude and blush, which when worn have a similar effect to wearing blush makeup, brightening the face. There are also neutral shades, for a wide range of skin tones. Tortoiseshelland black styles are available for a bolder, more contrasting look.


Prices for the line range from $68 - $220 and are currently on sale now at optical retailers and department stores.

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