With a new year comes the opportunity to create and stick to new resolutions. In 2015, put your

education first by applying to the Boston Architectural College (BAC), an independent, professional
college in Boston’s Back Bay. Our focus is to provide excellence in design education by combining
classroom learning, practice, and accessibility to diverse communities. We offer professional and
accredited degrees in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and design studies.
Founded in 1889 as a club for practicing architects in the local Boston area, the BAC has remained
closely tied to the professional design community throughout its history. These connections allow
the College to uphold its founding principles of integrated design education. Our faculty are both
teachers and practicing professionals, and we maintain a commitment to combining academic and
experiential, practice-based learning.
Through the BAC’s dynamic learning model, students acquire academic knowledge in the classroom
while receiving applied learning through practical experiences in the field. This trajectory
helps students make connections between theoretical and practical approaches and equips them
with necessary tools for solving complex projects and design parameters for today’s global and diversecommunities.
The BAC offers diverse programs that uphold this integrated model of combining academics and
practice. Students can earn undergraduate or graduate degrees in architecture, interior architecture,
landscape architecture, or design studies. We also offer professional and continuing education
programs and online courses, with certificate programs in in-demand areas ranging from sustainable
design to historic preservation.
The BAC’s commitment to diversifying the design professions is achieved through a policy of accessibleadmission. Alternative admissions makes an exceptional design education possible for talentedstudents who would not otherwise be afforded such an opportunity. Beneficiaries include a
large population of first-generation college students and members of under-represented groups,
fostering a rich and diverse learning environment. Together, these aims make the BAC a leader in
the education of design professionals.
Contact Admissions to learn more: Call us at 617-585-0123 or visit the-bac.edu/innovate
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