You know what? Brian Austin Green is totally fine with being married to Megan Fox. And, um, this surprises who?


In the new issue of Details, the former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star says he’s not worried that his wife’s fame surpasses his own.


“I know the normal male thing is the man works and is successful and brings home the paycheck. I don’t know who the hell set it up, but it’s what people expect,” he tells the mag. “I just don’t care.”


The guy gets to sleep with Megan Fox every night and not work. What’s there to complain about — besides the fact it’s totally unfair that David Silver, out of all people, struck the life lottery.


Smells like Gaga spirit

Lady Gaga has inked a deal with Coty to develop her own fragrances, with the first one set to launch in spring 2012. It’ll probably be called Pee-Pee Juice or something equally as ludicrous and faux avant-garde.