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Make bologna great again: Brooklyn deli creates Trump sandwich served by an immigrant

Don’t forget the “small pickle” on the side.

Bologna has gone political.

A Bed-Stuy deli created a Trump sandwich that is “full of baloney,” served on white bread, topped with white American cheese, Russian dressing, a “small pickle” on the side and brought to you “by a Mexican or a Muslim,” the chalkboard ad announces.

Olive Leaf Gourmet, on the corner of Halsey Street and Throop Avenue, began selling the sandwich about a week and a half ago, Steve Bassam, one of the creators of the sandwich said.

“We all had an impact on it,” referring to the group of creative minds that built the better-than-a-wall meal.


The lunch meat laden delicacy started as a joke between store owner Omar Mubarez, Bassam, his cousin Bassam Mubarez and employee Alfonso Guerrero. The original idea included a ring of tortillas, but bologna ultimately won out.

“[Sales are] doing OK,” Bassam said, “but I get a lot of laughs and a lot of people taking pictures without buying the sandwich.”

The $6 delight will probably be on the menu for a few more weeks, Bassam said.

“[Trump’s] a person that exposed the hatred in this country,” Omar Mubarez told DNAInfo. The owner added he "absolutely will not" vote for the Republican nominee.

There are no plans for a Clinton-wich, although Mubarez told DNAInfo she won't get his vote either.

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