H&M can be a good place to find new textiles for your home. H&M can be a good place to find new textiles for your home.


It’s time to admit it: That heat wave last week was probably the end of the hot weather for a while. Luckily, that means it’s time to start thinking about the season of comfy sweaters, pumpkin lattes and new TV. We talked to home expert Stefanie Schiada, who runs the popular Brooklyn Limestone blog about her renovation of the 100-year-old limestone home she lives in, about ways to make your home match your new autumnal mood and what design trends she thinks we’ll see this fall.



Ikea hackers, unite!


“I think upcycling or repurposing items is still really big,” says Schiada. “People want to get dual purpose items. So, card catalogs or turning an Ikea hack into something bigger is always really popular and seems to be getting bigger and bigger."

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Colors to fit the mood

Schiada says she sees olive making a comeback. She compared it to a "a very rich olive tone that’s not your ‘80s olive, but sort of a gray brown olive color." But if you're nervous about going olive, "Black and white is always really popular, particularly as it gets colder. People are shying from some of the warmer colors."

Cozy up

You were already planning on curling up under a warm blanket anyway, right? According to Schiada, that's the right way to go. "People are adding a lot of textiles, a lot of warmth, and throws and pillows. A lot of tone on tone texture. I see a lot of gray and white in black rooms but they look great because they have all these extra sort of chunky knit textures."

Keep it industrial

Thinking of going for some broader home renovation? Schiada says the raw look is here to say. "The industrial raw look is definitely sticking around. Exposed brick, wide plank scraped floors, that type of style. Sort of the loft means personal home look," explains Schiada.

Bring it inside

"Now that the summer’s finished, and people aren’t spending quite as much time outdoors, they’re going to bring things in like moss, and outdoor sort of textures and colors to bring the outside in once the weather turns cold," says Schiada. She recommended aged cedar wood, or adding some succulents to your decor.

Take a walk on the wild side

One design trend Schiada sees sticking around? Animal prints. And no, not the leopard kind, but rather an actual print with an animal on it. "Every year, for the past three or four years, there’s been like an animal of the moment. Last year it was the fox," Schiada says. She says her pick for this year is the jellyfish, though she expects other deep sea creatures to be pretty popular, as well.