The ‘"always on"’ culture means that it’s more difficult than ever to find the time to stay in shape.


But that's about to change. The London-based gym 1Rebel has fitted buses with spinning bikes, so that urbanites can maximize their commuting time by working out on the way to work.


Passengers — aka gym-goers—will be able to take a 45 minute high-intensity class during their daily commute, costing between $18 to $22.


"Time is precious in London. Factoring in time to commute to work and go to the gym is often too difficult for many people," said James Balfour, 1Rebel’s co-founder.


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"Some choose to exercise by cycling to work but are faced with British weather, and being responsible for their bike [at] either end. We also free up more time for other activities and make your commute to and from work both more efficient and much more enjoyable," he continued.

Each vehicle is fitted with 10 bikes and is set to travel through the most popular commuter routes in London, before dropping clients at 1Rebel gyms (soon to be located at various points across the city) for a quick shower and change of clothes.

"We intend to build another four clubs in the next 18 months across London which will assist in our ability to put on more bus routes," Balfour said.

The founders also have another idea to get the heart racing: people will be able to listen to live music performances during “Live Ride” classes.

Currently 1Rebel is in discussions with several bus companies and needs to get government backing, but if all goes well, they plan to launch the service after the summer.

— By Dmitry Belyaev