We’ve always wondered why Nicolas Cage went from starring in excellent movies (“Raising Arizona,” “Wild at Heart” and “Leaving Las Vegas”) to starring in not-so-excellent movies (“Knowing,” “Bangkok Dangerous,” to name just two). Well, it turns out he needed money — and lots of it.


Samuel Levin, CPA, (Cage’s former accountant whom the actor is suing) says in a countersuit that when he was hired, he warned Cage he needed to earn $30 million a year just to maintain his lifestyle, reports TMZ.com. In 2007, Levin says Cage bought three homes totaling more than $33 million, 22 cars and 47 pieces of art.


Three homes and 22 cars? We’d kill to upgrade to an apartment that has three rooms and a Dodge that was manufactured in this decade. And don’t even get us started on our dream to one day be able to afford premium cable. Nicolas, we think you might have a little shopping problem.