When it comes to outdoor cooking, most people settle for a grill and call it a day. But Vojin Vujosevic and his wife Diana added much more than the typical charcoal or gas grill to the backyard of their Cape Cod home. They have both of those and more, including the kitchen sink.

"We've always loved to entertain, we've always had homes with outdoor entertaining space," says Mr. Vujosevic, who is a co-founder of the successful Cape-based artisan bakery Pain D'Avignon. "Now we have kids, we do it for ourselves more. We don't eat indoors much in the summer."

The idea is to maximize their time outdoors and not be cut off from friends and family while doing food prep. There's no running back and forth to the kitchen, either, and less mess.

"It's much easier when you rinse off and prepare all the vegetables and fish out there. People can mingle with you while you cook. There's a view of the water. It provides a space where everyone can be together."


Besides a fabulous outdoor kitchen, there's also a dining and living area with a table and comfy seating. A pergola covers much of the patio space, providing shelter from summer sun and the occasional shower. The yard includes a play area too, where croquet or volleyball matches provide activity.

"We have a fireplace and light fires if it's chilly," he says. "In late spring right through to fall, which is nicer here than anywhere, we try to enjoy every minute we can, being outside."

Kickin' kitchen

The kitchen garden was a traditional addition for those with enough space. It provided herbs, vegetables and fruits for the home. A garden kitchen turns that around and facilitates cooking beyond throwing a burger on the grill. But whether a kitchen is inside the house or out, one thing is key, says Mr. Vujosevic: "Like any indoor kitchen, having well-organized counter space outside makes cooking a lot easier."
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