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By all accounts, job openings in the automotive industry are plentiful. The only problem? Finding enough good people to fill them, according to David Protano, Chair of Automotive Technology and associate professor at BFIT. “It’s not just technicians who are needed,” Protano says. “It’s automotive salespeople, parts specialists, service managers—all areas.”

It’s a matter of supply and demand. Many automotive workers are retiring, and not enough young people are entering this field to replenish the workforce. Others are leaving the field, partly because innovations in technology are driving major industry shifts.

“To be successful as a technician or in sales, you have to be familiar with the new technical dynamics in play,” he says. For example, since new devices are smarter, more efficient and more varied, they’re also more complex. Technicians need to use scanning devices to diagnose and repair a vehicle, and know how to read its data.


To keep up with industry trends, such as innovations in fuel alternatives, BFIT has expanded its course offerings to focus more on hybrid and electric cars. There’s also more focus on diesel technology, since more manufacturers are using it in passenger cars.

BFIT students are prepared to hit their first job running, having trained on all makes and models in a live garage. The shop is not a simulation; it’s run like any other full-service garage and is open to any and all customers—the only one like it in Massachusetts. “You read what do step by step, but when you do it hands-on, you understand how things work, how things fit together,” says graduate Juan Franco.

Big-picture thinking also applies to the program’s overall goals. “We want our students to graduate and be able to go right into an independent shop or dealership, move up the ranks and become a manager,” says Protano. “The bachelor’s degree takes students a step further and gives them management training so they can eventually open their own shop. The sky’s the limit if they work hard and like to take on new challenges.”

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