How job fairs can help you get around the traditional job interview
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The job search is tough for everyone. Just motivating yourself to go on different job search sites to submit your resumes and perfectly fine tuned cover letters into the faceless void can certainly sink your spirits after not hearing anything back for weeks. This is why job fairs can be such a great help in your search for a job.

How job fairs can help you get around the traditional job interview

Job Fairs

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At job fairs, you will be able to learn what certain companies are looking for in their candidates from the people who are hiring directly. By printing out a few copies of your resumes to give out on your visit, you can come prepared to have informal chats with the people who would normally be conducting your interviews if your application was accepted online. By approaching the application process this way, you can eliminate preparing the sales pitch that you normally would write up to recite in your interview, and get to know each company for what it is from the people who work there every day.


This kind of “learning from the horse's mouth” approach is the perfect way to make a good impression on a human resources company who is actively looking to fill positions. And think about it this way: when you are attending these job fairs, you are the one who holds all of the cards in this scenario. They are looking for people to fill these positions and have gone through the trouble of setting this job fair up for that very reason.   

In fact, the DOE Fund, a social work and outreach program based here in New York City, will be holding their own job fair today in at 1420 Crotona Park East Bronx, NY 10460 from 10:00am - 12:00pm and 5:00pm - 7:00pm today so that they can meet energized candidates to fill positions that they have open for a Residence Manager, Service Aides, and a Housing Manager.

So why sit at home scrolling through endless job posting after job posting online? Sure, that may be a necessary evil for many of the jobs out there. But, it doesn’t hurt to take an active approach to your job search by checking out a job fair near you. Who knows. Maybe your dream career is just one handshake away?


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