The whiff of Valentine’s Day in the air since February began has turned into an overwhelming melange of flowers, candy and cologne. And it stinks even worse if you’re alone in the middle of it all.

The only thing to do is some retail therapy of thebling and booze kind, and Jose Cuervo has you covered. These special edition gold and silver bottles are in celebration of the 220th anniversary of “the conquistador of tequilas,” but they get that you're not necessarily in a celebratory mood right now and it's all good. Jose's here to help.

So while you prer this sweet and tart cocktail with your skull-studded anti-salute to love, know that at least there's one man who gets you.

Cuervo Flirt


2 parts Cuervo Especial
¼ part apricot brandy liqueur
¾ part freshly squeezed lime juice
1 part cranberry juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled martini glass.

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