anorexic sunglasses Kelly Wearstler is selling questionably named "Anorexxxy" sunglasses on her site.
Credit: Kelly Wearstler

What's the hottest trend in celebrity eyewear? Sunglasses called "Anorexxxy" - a moniker that presumably means anorexic and sexy.

Jezebel pointed out that interior designer Kelly Wearstler and former judge on "Top Design" collaborated with high-end French sunglasses designer Thierry Lasry to hawk her own special edition line of "Anorexxxy" sunglasses on her site. But Wearstler isn't the only one embracing the questionably named shades.

Celebrities Alessandra D'Ambrosio, Sophia Bush, Jessica Alba and Kristin Cavalleri are among the celebs who are alleged fans of the design. Style darling and fashion editor Mira Duma has also collaborated with the brand to create her own line of "Anorexxxy" shades.

The occasionally tone-deaf fashion industry did not take offense to the name, which seems to make light of eating disorders and mental illness. Harper's Bazaar published a "We're Obsessed" column on the Kelly Wearstler x Thierry Lasry "Anorexxxy" sunglasses and they've been featured in at least the Hong Kong edition of Marie Claire.


After Jezebel criticized the name and Wearstler, saying, "This is incredibly annoying but also alarming coming from someone who told a food lifestyle publication that she doesn't 'eat a lot during the day.' Goddammit, we are so past the idea that eating disorders are haute and sexxxy and edgy, that at this point, it's actually out of style," Thierry Lasry responded on Twitter. The brand wrote on its page, "Its [sic] called Anorexxxy bc it is the slim version of another style named Lively ... KW has nothing 2 do w/ this." We would argue that Wearstler does have something to do with it, consider that she slapped her name onto the line, but that would imply "Anorexxxy" has something to do with anorexia, right?

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