How do we help women enter STEM fields? This Boston forum hopes to find an answer. Photo: iStock

Women can do absolutely anything — includingtake over the tech industry.


That was the general consensus before the media company Bustle and the coding academy Flatiron School came together to launch an expansion of their Women Take Tech initiative with a new scholarship for women who want to embark on careers in technology.

“We believe companies of all kinds benefit with more women in engineering positions," says Kate Ward, Bustle’s Editor-in-Chief. “Bustle is passionate about fostering and supporting more female talent and more female perspectives in the world of technology and media, and about helping to close the gender gap in engineering.”


And they’re working on doing exactly that. Together, they’ll be offering scholarships for 25 women at Flatiron School’s Online Web Developer Programreducing tuition from $1,500 to $750 per month.


To find out more or to apply,gohere.