Street Style: Day 3 - London Fashion Week AW14

Imagine spinning your favorite tracks for a living, calling New York and London home and counting Anna Wintour’s jewelry designer as one of your nearest and dearest. For DJ Chelsea Leyland, that’s life — working the Fashion Month show circuit, scoring enviable front-row seats and partying with the best. We caught up with the British-raised New Yorker who told us all about life in the fast (and well-dressed) lane.

How did you tackle the ‘polar vortex’ weather?

It was challenging. I was lucky enough to have a car because otherwise I would have needed shoes and snow boots at the ready. It was funny though, my friends can’t believe it when I tell them there were people walking into shows in their nice designer heels after jumping over big heaps of snow. It definitely made it a fun one.


As you’re traveling, do you have to strategically plan all of your Fashion Week outfits in advance?

Not really. I seriously don’t know how those people plan their looks to a tee. I tend to wear a piece of clothing that’s from the designer who’s showing. I do get a lot of nice clothes gifted and I pull clothes from PR showrooms, as well as doing a bit of shopping before Fashion Month.

How do you keep track?

I put up a big rail in my apartment and work from that. My house at the moment looks like some kind of shopping outlet. There are garment bags, hangers and clothes everywhere. It’s my cat’s idea of heaven — he likes to think it’s a climbing frame.

Gosh, don’t tell the publicists that.

Especially all these furs that I’ve had to sign waivers for! They’re so expensive that they make you sign something in case you lose or ruin them.

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