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Clear app will help you delete dumb tweets and Facebook posts

Clean up your social media act with this new app

Ever scrolled back on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed and cringed? Or have you ever frantically scrambled through all of your social media posts while applying to a new job?

A new app called Clear can help you with that.

Clear will analyze your social media profiles and give you a score on the potential liability of your social media presence. It also flags all of your potentially embarrassing tweets or Facebook posts - posts with curse words or sexually or racially charged words. Some flagged words include "black" or "gay."

Founder Ethan Czahor has a very personal reason for creating the app; he lost his job as Jeb Bush's CTO because of offensive tweets.


Czahor wrote on the Clear website: "After graduating college, I moved to West Hollywood to study improv comedy at The Groundlings. I used my Twitter feed to test material, all of which was humorous and well-intended within the context of my community. Several years and career changes later, after having success in the startup world and battling Lyme disease, I landed my dream job: CTO of Jeb Bush's political operations.

"Unfortunately, my Twitter feed was unearthed, spun completely out of context to make me appear as someone I am certainly not, and I lost my job. I created Clear to make sure situations like mine never happen to anyone ever again.”

There are currently more than 1,000 people on the wait list for the app.

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