Colleges along the east coast have had to make adjustments as many had planned to welcome students back to campus this weekend. Hurricane Irene delayed multiple move-ins and first days of class. Now that the storm has passed, schools are assessing the damage and trying to get back on track.


NYU's "Welcome Week" has been adjusted with events rescheduled throughout the week. Since transportation in and around the city has been affected, school officials say students shouldn't be concerned about not getting to campus today.


"Relax – we look forward to seeing you and will be prepared to welcome you whenever you get here," said a statement on NYU's website. "New students should know that their respective schools will make accommodations to provide them with the necessary academic orientation and will register them for classes whenever they arrive."


Columbia University has re-opened today. Staff and faculty have been asked to report to work. The school's website states that undergraduate housing move-in plans will continue today and students will be accommodated anytime they arrive.


Damage was more prominent at schools in the south, though not as bad as expected. UNC Wilmington has lifted its campus curfew to allow students to leave their dorms at noon, but officials are faced with downed trees, power outages and roof leaks.


East Carolina University has canceled classes and closed the school today. ECU's website states, "The campus still contains hazards due to standing water and downed or damaged trees so we need everyone to stay off campus, unless you are part of ECU’s emergency operations."

Here's some video of Hurricane Irene's visit to Greenville, North Carolina-- home of East Carolina University.

Be sure to check your school's updated post-Irene schedule!