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Ashlee Simpson's son Bronx tries out the new Crayola Color Alive coloring books wiProvided

When we were kids, the coolest thing about coloring was getting to use the 64-pack of crayons with the built in sharper. But that's not enough to impress kids these days. Crayola just came out with a new product that is totally reinventing this favorite childhood pasttime.

The new Crayola Color Alive Coloring Pages take what kids color and make their creations come alive using a digital app (because, of course). Compatable with iOS, Android and Windows devices, parents can download the app for free on Crayola's website, the App Store or Google Play.

After kids finish coloring their picture in one of the coloring books (which for between $1.99 and $5.99 sells for the same price as any other coloring book), they can scan their creation and an animated version will show up on the app. So if they color a dragon, the dragon will fly and breathe fire in the digital version, for example.

Kids can even interject themself into their creation by taking a selfie, which will have them show up in the digital version of their coloring creation. They can also save their character so they can play with it later and can even share it with their friends --- or super impressed grandparents.


The product just launched, but there is already a celeb fan: Ashlee Simpson and her son, Bronx. Here, we share photos of Simpson and some other excited kids at the product's launch.

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