Daniel Puder has joined the celebrities speaking out against the bullying of gay youth. The undefeated mixed-martial-arts champion and professional wrestler wants to have an up-close-and-personal word with the bullies.

“Anybody that’s getting bullied in the whole U.S. can shoot me an e-mail at dp@knockoutsgym.com,” Puder told TMZ.com. “You e-mail me, I’ll go fly to your school. ... And we’ll go talk to the bullies for you.”

He later clarified that he and his biceps do, indeed, just want to talk: “I don’t want to beat up the bullies. … I want to re-train them to think that they don’t need to bully people.”


In other ‘news’

How could Snooki and JWoww possibly get any more terrifying on October 31? The “Jersey Shore” girls are dressing as each other for Halloween, reports TMZ. Lady Gaga, you’re on your own, girl.

– Today’s Word was written by Monica Weymouth