Teeming with locals, tourists and imports, New York City offers an anonymity which often makes dating difficult. Meeting a “special someone” isn’t easy to do in a city of 8 million people spanning five boroughs. You could be bumped up against your soul mate in a crowded 4 train and not even know it.

Sapio (iOS/Android), self-described as “what r/Askreddit would be if it were a dating app,” polled 500 New Yorkers—53 percent of whom use dating apps—to see which boroughs were the most dateable and which ones deserve a swipe left.

What if you hang out in Manhattan and your one true love is chilling in the Bronx? While you’re looking for an artist in Brooklyn, your Picasso could be at a café in Queens.

According to the study conducted by the free dating app, interborough dating can be more interesting than getting to Williamsburg without the L train.


Not to shock anyone, but each borough has its stereotypes, like hipsters live in Brooklyn.According to survey results from Sapio,Staten Island is the land to seek if you're looking to "Lady and the Tramp" spaghetti with an Italian stallion; the island is home toa high percentage of foreign-born Italians. If you’re looking for a smarty-pants, those surveyed suggested Queens, but if you’re looking to live the highlife, Mr. (or Ms.) Money Bags is probably in Manhattan.

Money doesn’t buy happiness (or class, as Real Housewife of New York Countess Luann de Lessepssang in 2010), and 28 percent of New Yorkers surveyed by Sapio said they had at one point been cheated on.


The most cheaters live on the island of Manhattan, according to the study, and the least amount of cheaters grace Staten Island.

Fidelity isn’t the only thing that matters in a mate. There is the “does it or doesn’t it” question of penis size. Whether you admit that it’s a factor or politely say it doesn’t matter, Sapio’s study found that the largest packages are delivered in the Bronx—a borough with fewer cheaters than Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Staten Island, also called “boring” by daters, is ranked as having the smallest members.


Sapio called New York “the city that never sleeps... with anyone in Staten Island.” According to study results, asubway transfer appears to define a relationship as “long-distance"as daters tend to stick to their own boroughs; although, Bronx dwellers are willing to give MTA a fare to Manhattan for love.


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