Bend it like Beckham and have multiple career choices when you get to your late 30s. Bend it like Beckham and have multiple career choices when you get to your late 30s.
Everybody knows who David Beckham is – either from his career as a soccer star or as the fashion icon and trendsetter he has become. Metro Sweden’s fashion editor Martin Hansson met Becks in New York to talk about the new collaboration with the Swedish fashion giant that premiered during the Super Bowl weekend.

METRO: What has it been like to go from football player to a fashion icon?

BECKHAM: I have always been very interested in clothes and style. One day I love wearing a really tailored suit and the next day I like wearing what I’m wearing today – a pair of casual jeans and a sweater. The opportunity to, in collaboration with H & M, produce an underwear collection that reflects my personal style feels natural and in tune with the times.


Your new collection – David Beckham for H&M – has been increased and is now aimed at younger boys as well. What message would you like to send to them?

I would like to tell them to go for their passion, work hard and stay focussed. I have always given 100 percent in everything I do – both in football and in fashion. If you work hard enough and have fun at the same time there is a chance that you reach your dreams.

How does Victoria feel about seeing you half-naked on billboards and on TV all over the world?

[Laughs.] Victoria loves the pictures and just thinks it’s fun. But my sons like the exposure most of all and think it’s great to see their daddy everywhere. I often wear the clothes from the new collection at home so they recognize it.

What's the future looking like for you?

I want to continue working with all that I’m doing today but also with new projects. Because I’ve played football the past 22 years, it is refreshing to do something completely different now.

David Beckham
Age: 38
In the news: Has designed a new collection for H&M and is seen in a large campaign that premiered at the Super Bowl this weekend.
Lives: In Notting Hill, London
Family: Married to Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, four children.

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