In a weekend of sad Hollywood deaths (the legendary Dennis Hopper passed away at age 74, while Gary Coleman died at age 42), there was one that wasn’t so awful — after 19 months, the faux celebrity couple Speidi is no more.


On Friday, the plastic surgery victim known as Heidi Montag allegedly left her controlling husband, Spencer Pratt, and moved into a beach house with Jennifer Bunney, who briefly appeared on “The Hills.”


Although no reason for the split was given, it might have something to do with the fact that Montag and Bunney are going to start filming a new reality show in July.


“We’re really excited to do girly things and show people who we really are and that we’re really fun, sweet and loyal girls,” Bunney told RadarOnline about the heady plot of the new show.


Fun, sweet, loyal — why, yes, Montag is the new Gidget! Except for, you know, the psychosis.