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Slime is the most recent fidget spinners: It has kids captivated, gets stolen by interested adults when the kids aren’t looking and took over the internet seemingly overnight. Which probably has you wondering if you can DIY slime.


Why, yes. Yes you can.


Which is, we assume, why you’re here. So whether you plan to DIY slime for yourself — it’s basically a stress ball, people — or for your kids, or maybe even to gift during the upcoming holiday season, we have you covered.


Here’s what you need for DIY slime

The ingredients are pretty basic, and if you have kids and a well-stocked home, you probably have everything you need already lying around. The main way to make DIY slime is with a base of borax, but we’ll post other slime recipes for those of you who want to steer clear of this cleaning product.


— White glue
— Borax powder
— Paper cups (5 ounce)
— Food coloring
— Popsicle stick
— Measuring spoons



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Here’s how you make DIY slime

Gather the little ones around because these easy steps are the perfect starting place for getting them sucked into an afternoon activity that won’t leave anything broken (whew!).

— Take one of the paper cups, and fill it with water.
— Add 1 tablespoon Borax powder to the water. Mix together and set aside.
— Fill another paper cup with about 1 inch of white glue.
— Add 3 tablespoons of water (NOT the water mixed with Borax powder) to the glue and stir.
— Choose any food coloring and add a couple drops to your glue mixture. Start with a couple and add more as desired to adjust the brightness of your chosen color. Mix.
— Add 1 tablespoon of the Borax solution (the water you mixed with Borax powder) to your glue mixture, and stir together until it’s combined well.

Viola! It’s that easy to DIY slime. If you want to make a larger batch, simply scale up the recipe based on the amounts written above.

Creative ideas for your DIY slime

The ingredients and instructions above are just for your run-of-the-mill single color slime recipe. If ROYGBIV just won’t cut it for your arts and crafts time, there’s plenty more you can do with this entrancing goo.

— Use glitter glue, or add colored glitter
— Forget the food coloring and add themed shapes to clear goo (like tiny fish beads or figurines along with stars — in place of starfish) and blue glitter to stand in for water
— Make a couple different colors of DIY slime and fold them together for marbling
— Add a product like Slime Ballz to give it a crackly texture



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