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Do strangers 'GetYou'? The lowdown on the hot new app

Do strangers "GetYou"? Learn more about this hot new app.

Ever wonder how others perceive you? Do you want to know what first impression you give off?

Of course you do.

New social networking app "GetYou" lets you find out what strangers think when they see your photo. They'll get to guess your age, occupation, relationship status, what country you reside in and/or an interest of yours.

In order to pique users' interests and motivate them to speculate on other people, "GetYou" bills itself as a game. You select six "cards" and guess on the people you've selected. You get points for correct answers and rise in status as you get more hits instead of misses.


You also get to friend people who have guessed your details, though most users probably would not be interested in that function.

We took "GetYou" for a spin and found it briefly addictive; we also found a surprising number of real-life friends on the app, which shows its burst of popularity.

One problem with "GetYou" is that the feedback is not detailed or specific enough to be particularly exciting - we'd love to see more fun questions like "Does this person look like a stoner?" or "Was this user popular in high school?"

Another is that the community seems pretty insular. Most people are in the startup world or finance industry, so it's pretty easy to guess whether or not a person is a "coal miner" or "data engineer." Also, because "GetYou" is based in Israel, it seems like almost all of the users are from the United States or Israel. It would probably be more fun to guess if someone were from Los Angeles or New York, or what their favorite travel destination was. The city question would be particularly useful for the friending aspect of the app if "GetYou" staffers hope for its users to eventually meet up with each other or date.

For now, though, it's a fun way to pass the time and play a game with real-life people, including some of your friends.

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