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Getting to the gym when you're hung over may be hard, but it will help you recovermoodboard

If you woke up yesterday morning hung over yet wanting to make good on your New Year's resolution and get to the gym, the dilemma raises an intriguing health question: Is it more beneficial to sleep off your hangover and get some needed REM sleep, or should you force yourself to exercise through the pain?


According to Women's Health, you should still head to the gym. "Exercising while you're hung over helps you get rid of all the toxins from drinking. You sweat everything out," RightFit Nation founder and personal trainer Matthew Kornblatt tells the magazine.


But because alcohol dehydrates your body, make sure you drink more water than usual to avoid feeling dizzy and light-headed. Grabbing a Gatorade or Vitamin Water on your way out of the gym is also a good idea, because it will help get your electrolyte count back up.


The combo of exercising and replenishing your body will have you feeling better in no time. And it involves a lot less guilt than downing that bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.