Eating better is not only for those looking to lose weight. Nutrition is part of living healthier, but too often require sacrifices of taste and beloved foods that most of us just aren’t willing to make.


“Eating abundantly and including all of your favorite foods in moderation, as well as substituting healthier options, are both important to curbing cravings and enjoying the foods you love,” says Jennifer Adler, a certified nutritionist and author of “Passionate Nutrition,” a new memoir-cookbook about healing herself with food.


“Just remember, it’s not all-or-nothing! Aim to eat healthfully most of the time,” she continues. “Learn to live in the gray instead of black-and-white thinking that New Year’s resolutions tend to trigger.”


So how can you stick with a resolution to make 2015 a healthier year? Choose better alternatives of the foods you already love. We asked Adler for some healthy swaps that won’t leave you feeling deprived.


Grab items with fewer ingredients


A shorter label means fewer preservatives, emulsifiers, colors and processing. “Choose yogurt with milk and live cultures, and ice cream with five ingredients or less,” advises Adler. A good rule of thumb: You should be able to easily pronounce all of the ingredients.

Eat bread, but a better kind

Adler recommends swapping sourdough or sprouted bread for your typical loaf of white bread. In these varieties, the gluten is broken down in the process of making the bread, making it easier to digest.

For your second cup of the day, choose tea

“Instead of opting for coffee breath, nettle tea provides powerful benefits including better hair, skin and metabolism,” Adler says.

Skip the fat-free products

Fat is not a bad word anymore. “Fat-free products are more processed and have added sugars, salts and thickeners to make up for lack of taste,” Adler points out. “Opt for the original, embracing healthy fats that taste so much better, are more satisfying and great for your skin.