New York firm designs a park that puts the Highline to shame

You'll never want to leave.

If you've ever dreamed of jumping ontrampolinesamong the treetops, get ready to face your fantasy.


New York-based design firm Dror has unveiled its master plan for a new city park six miles north of Istanbul's center that will bend the forest landscape with the world of your dreams.


Featuring elevated walkways, art installations, aerial swings, hammocks, lush lounge areas and (of course) treetop trampolines—to name a few— ParkormanIstanbul promises to deliver a park experience like no other.





The park design, which is a finalist for the Architizer A+ Award that celebrates yet-to-be built master plans, outlinesfive main zones, each with their own distinct qualities that designers say are planned to provoke emotion.

The Plaza, at the entrance of the park, presents nature as a place for collective experience and gathering. Interaction and play are encouraged through a series of interventions spread throughout: swings and hammocks sway above the bed of the forest, giant ball pits — inspired by Turkish spice markets — invite people to dive in, and a footpath floats above the ground and twists around tree trunks into giant loops with trampolines at the center.

The Grove, a maze-like trail pollinated with sculptures that relate to the landscape, invites exploration, while The Fountain of Clarity, a cube-shaped frame that sends water down all four sides and opens via hydraulic piston to envelop visitors, prompts reflection.



"Through the sum of these experiences, a more intimate relationship between landscape and being is forged, and nature is reintegrated into the city’s harsh urban lifestyle," Dror says of the design in a statement.

The park has designed to maximize visitor's interaction with nature. It doesn't require the removal of any trees — as mandated by the city —and the unique features are designed to quiet the anxiety that often accompanies an unfamiliar environment.

Theres no word on how much this fanciful forest environment will cost to turn into reality, so only time will tell if the actual park ends up as spectacular as its designs. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Parkorman from Dror on Vimeo.