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Apple may release a dual-SIM iPhone in the future according to strings of text found in a leaked configuration file.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, they spotted evidence that indicates future iPhone models or the iPhone X Plus will support dual-SIM cards. The tech site reports that diagnostic reports from iOS 12 developer beta 5 have lines of text that references "second SIM status" and a "second SIM tray status" in the file. The "second SIM tray status" line may indicate that the next iPhones will have a slot for a second SIM card. 

Dual-SIM card support found in iOS 12 beta configuration file

iPhone X Plus might be Apple's first dual-SIM iPhone

TechCrunch notes that if Apple does offer dual-SIM card iPhones it may reserve that new feature for some models. If Apple releases an iPhone X Plus or another model with advanced features it may have a slot for two SIM cards. 


Dual-SIM iPhone benefits

The major benefit of a dual-SIM iPhone is that it would come in handy if you’re someone who travels to different countries with different carriers. Having a phone with two sim cards would enable you to switch carriers in the phone and would eliminate having to insert a new SIM card or using a different phone completely. It would also allow you to have two separate lines and give you the ability to have a business and a personal line all in one device. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple is considering offering dual-SIM iPhones in places such as Europe and Asia where business people travel to multiple countries.  There are several companies that already make dual-SIM phones for people who need to switch between carriers. The ASUS ZenFone 3 Max, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, BLU Vivo 5 Mini and Nokia – 2 are some of the phones that have dual-SIM support. 

It's not clear whether Apple will introduce a dual-SIM card feature to the rumored iPhone X Plus or future iPhone models, but if the text reportedly found in iOS 12 configuration file is accurate, then we might see future iPhone models that will support two SIM cards. 

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