Buying natural, good-for-the-planet products is commendable, but let’s be real, not everything labeled “all-natural” smells or feels all that great. These products are different, made with ingredients like avocado, rosemary and bamboo that are easy on the environment and feel wonderful on your body. Here are our favorite Earth Day luxuries:

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You can feel good about splurging on this luxury fragrance — everything from the ingredients to the bottle are environmentally sustainable. The Terra Woods scent smells like waltzing through a floral forest, clean and earthy.
Clean Reserve fragrance, $90,

Eye cream
Nikki Reed teamed up with Kiehl’s to release this limited edition eye treatment just for Earth Day. Made with avocado and shea butter, it’s one of the line’s smoothest products yet. An added bonus, 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit Recycle Across America.
Limited Edition Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado – Nikki Reed, $48,


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Facial Cleanser
When it comes to cleansing, all-natural trumps dehydrating alcohol-based products. PLANT’s Rice & Clean’s gentle cleanser only uses three simple ingredients: rice, chamomile and vitamin E, all known to soothe the skin. Their products are made in Brooklyn with the help of adults with physical and mental disabilities.
Rice & Clean Gentle Facial Cleanser, $24,

It’s tricky to find an organic shampoo that actually does a good job, but Josh Rosebrook’s Balance shampoo perfected it, using aloe vera and rosemary to clean, soften and add shine.
Organic Balance shampoo, $32,

The woodsy smell of Skeem’s plum- and moss-scented soy candle is soothing — especially when you're constantly overwhelmed by city smells. Not only is the matte-black cut glass container chic, it’s biodegradable, too.
Plum & Moss candle, $25,

Activewear and undergarment line Nudy Patooty uses organic bamboo to give their clothes a breathable feel. Plus, no sweat stains!
Prices vary from $46 to $56,

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