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Editor's pick: Bikes and booze

St.-Germain and Clos du Bois teamed up with bike companies to create for two wheelers with built-in bottle holders.

Forget those fancy wine totes— two spirits brands teamed up with bike companies — not to promote driking and riding, of course — but to help you bring your bottle to the party or picnic in style.


St.-Germain Vintage Parisian Bike
This sweet retro-inspired roadster by LINUS Bikes features a custom leather bottle holder so you can tote your bottle of the hip and delicious elder flower liquor to the party and pretty much steal the show. Sorry, birthday girl. $1000, http://stgermain.myshopify.com



Clos Cruiser by C. Wonder
Sonoma-based winery, Clos du Bois, and colorful lifestyle brand, C. Wonder, launched the Clos Cruiser by C. Wonder. The bike, available in navy and hot pink, comes with a sweet wicker basket designed to hold a bottle of Clos du Bois wine, two GoVino reusable wine glasses and a corkscrew. Do we hear a picnic calling? $350, www.ClosduBois.com or www.CWonder.com

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