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We're hooked on Tetley's new Black & Green tea blend, which combines the two colored leaves. Take a sip and get the benefits of green tea, without the bitter aftertaste (it's nicely masked by the black tea).


What benefits are in green tea, you wonder? This Harvard study found that green tea is the best tea source for catechins — more powerful than vitamins C & E in stopping cell damage and fighting disease. Drink green tea and you're supposed to be at a lower risk for a host of cancers, including that of the skin, breast, lung and colon.We'll drink to that!


The tea is available in a 72-count box for an SRP of $4.39. Buy it in stores or online at www.tetleyusa.com.


And here's something else to think about: Tetley found that tea drinkers are more likely to be adventure-seekers. Maybe it's time to rethink that image of a tea drinker as a sweet old lady curled up with a cuppa (unless, of course, she's on a break from skydiving or swimming with sharks).