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10:50 a.m.
The Emporio Armani fall '14 collection has been titled, "Al Momento", which is very apt because I swear the bowlers that the models are wearing right now look like more refined versions of the giant brimmed hat Pharrell Williams has been wearing lately. And the memes his buffalo have started certainly count as a moment, right? Just to be clear, Giorgio Armani’s hats were most likely sketched out long before Grammy night, and he showed a similar, smaller version of the same idea last fall. Nevertheless, Pharrell needs one of these!


11:00 a.m.
In a lot of ways, this collection is turning out to be an extension of the suit Emporio Armani introduced last season, with its wider pant leg and slightly cropped length. I prefer this season’s version, which looks more contemporary (I can actually see my friends wanting to buy his show opening grey suit) with its shorter jacket and androgynous fit. And like last season this collection, which comes in a monochromatic black and white color palette broken up by occasional moments of aquamarine, gets into trouble when the jackets get too long. A three-quarter length jacket worn over a high-waist, wide leg pant is just a really hard silhouette for the average woman to pull off.

Overall, though, Armani seems to be exploring the more masculine side of the trouser suit and the new direction, even with the occasional grunge looks that he’s inserted here and there, works well.

The mood
Annie Hall by way of Milan.

The major trends
Wider trouser legs have been popping up in every fashion week city so far. This is one of the few moments that don’t come with a Seventies reference attached.

What this will mean for your wardrobe in six months’ time
A new way to wear a trouser suit, and styling ideas for your wide leg pants.

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