eric stonestreet mom commercial swiffer cleaning Eric Stonestreet teamed up with his mom for the Swiffer ads.
Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision for Swiffer

Swiffer’s new spokesman Eric Stonestreet, best known for his role as Cam on “Modern Family,” recognizes the effect cleaning can have on his own mental wellbeing. “I am a self-proclaimed clean freak. I think life is cluttered and dirty, and we don’t want a home that’s cluttered and dirty as well.”

Stonestreet and his mother teamed up for the cleaning company’s new advertising campaign. Three quarters of adults surveyed — and Stonestreet counts himself among them — say they try to pass the “mom test” when they clean. But besides being the voice in his ear when it comes to cleaning, his mom also inspired him in another way.


“In the beginning of [“Modern Family”] I based the character on my mom’s mannerisms and voice and things like that,” Stonestreet tells Metro. “[It] was a really cool honor to be able to bring her along” for the commercial.

eric stonestreet swifter cleaning modern family neat freak Eric Stonestreet considers himself a "clean freak."
Credit: Diane Bondareff/Invision for Swiffer

Though Cam has been known to fall short in cleaning when it comes to the house he shares with his husband, Mitchell, off camera Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are “pretty clean,” Stonestreet said. “We share a trailer so he has one side and I have the other, and his room is very neat and tidy and I think mine is pretty much, too.”

As for his own personal cleaning tips, Stonestreet says he tries not to procrastinate on cleaning. “Stay ahead of it, don’t let it get too messy, don’t let it get too dirty. If you’re constantly doing a little bit of cleaning all the time, that beats having to do a lot at one time.”

Fortunately for Stonestreet, he actually finds some aspects of cleaning enjoyable. “I like when there’s a mess and I can watch it go away. It’s something very pleasing to the eye when there is dust or something and then it’s gone,” he says.

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