Romancing the Stove by Amy Reiley

If you're anything like me, you think about eating far more often than you think about sex. But these two sensual acts aren't really in competition; they go hand in hand (or should I say mouth to mouth?) and can work exquisitely in concert.

Certain foods can become erotic to you because you ate them on a long-remembered date, or because a lover cooked them for you. I find some edibles so mouthwateringly delicious that they make my entire body seem to melt. I'm spoiled by living with a partner who loves to cook and bake. Personally, I find the preparation process even hotter than the meal, and appreciate it when there's time to sneak off for sex while something yummy is cooking in the oven.

I asked several people to share their favorite sexy foods, and received a range of responses. Susana Mayer, founder of the Erotic Literary Salon at Time restaurant in Center City, says she had "a most wondrous foodgasm" on Valentine's Day from sharing a Swiss truffle with a lover. For food journalist Tove Danovich, it's figs that light the flame. "Biting into one almost feels like too intimate an act to do in public," she said, and she's not the only one who feels that way. Chef Amy Reiley writes in her cookbook Fork Me, Spoon Me, that figs resemble a woman's private parts, and so eating one "while naked in front of a woman is a powerfully erotic act."

Another respondee said even though it's a cliché, bananas are her favorite sexy food. "It reminds me of giving head, which is my one of favorite things to do. When I focus my attention on the banana and slowly eat it, I can become very aroused."


It's not just the traditional aphrodisiacs that make people's mouths water. Kink educator Eve Minax says the taste and slippery texture of avocados makes them great for food play. "Take one and roll it around in your hands as it gets softer and warmer. Bite a little hole in it and squeeze some goodness out," suggests Minax.

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