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'Escape the Room' lets you play a mobile game in real life

On tablets and phones, there is a popular game genre that tasks you with escaping a puzzle-filled room. Now New Yorkers can do this in real life.

Here is one of the sets from the real-life "The Room." Credit: Escape the Room Here is one of the sets from the real-life "The Room."
Credit: Escape the Room

One of the most successful genres to come out of mobile gaming has to be the glut of "escape the room" titles. These games have you trapped in a mystery-laden room, with only your wits to figure how to get out.

These games, "The Room"and its sequel especially, are mentally taxing and a great deal of fun. Well guess what? If you live near New York City, you can play this game for real. As in, without a phone or tablet. As in, you are physically in a mysterious and locked room. Cool, right?


The company is conveniently called Escape the Room and offers three different themed rooms to try out. Basically, you and a few friends enter the room and are given about 90 minutes to disarm all of the traps and puzzles and find freedom. If you succeed, you are branded a superbrain and get all of the accolades and glory you've earned. If you fail, you get to go home and sulk over a bag of fried Netflix.

A session costs about $28, but if you scour the Internet there are deals to be had. Now, if only Willy Wonka actually existed and could turn Candy Crush into a real live thing.

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