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Exclusive first look at artist Sophie Blackall's new children's book

Sophie Blackall's new book, "The Baby Tree" explains where babies come from.

Even if you don't know illustrator Sophie Blackall's name, you've definitely seen her work:Her posters are all over the subway. Now, she's written and illustrated a new book (out May 1) that tackles a tricky parenting topic: explaining to young kids where babies come from.

"The Baby Tree"is about a young boy whose parents tell him that they are going to have a baby. This gets him wondering where exactly babies come from, and when he asks the different people in his life — his teacher, babysitter, grandfather and more — he gets some pretty funny answers.But besides being amusing, the book does end up giving a true explanation of where babies come from, in a way that's easy for kids to understand and won't make you blush.


Here, Blackall shares some of the book's illustrations exclusively with Metro.

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