We bet Roger Federer does a lot of squat jumps. Credit: Reuters We bet Roger Federer does a lot of squat jumps off the court.
Credit: Reuters

Tennis combines strength, speed, agility, footwork and endurance for an effective, total body workout.Before hitting the court for a match, players can prepare inside the gym with these sport-specific conditioning tips from the fitness experts at Life Fitness.

Strength Training: Strength training increases the power of your shots and minimizes injuries by protecting the joints. Try a combination of dumbbells, resistance bands and cable machines, and focus on the whole body.
Plyometrics: Plyometric exercises, like squat jumps, split lunges and box jumps, can help prepare you for all the quick moves in a tennis match. Incorporate side-to-side lateral hops and jumping rope for improved footwork.
Cardio: Outlast opponents by building your stamina through cardio workouts, such as a cycling or swimming. Tennis also involves bursts of intense physical activity followed by short periods of rest, so incorporating interval training can increase endurance.
Stretching: Stretching after every game will help prevent muscle soreness and reduce the potential for injury.

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