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New parents: Get a free ride home from the hospital

Diapers.com is helping new moms and dads with their "Baby's First Ride Home" campaign.

Diapers.com is giving new parents and their newborn a safe, first ride home.


Between the frigid temperatures and the relentless precipitation, it's the hardest time of the year to snag an empty cab. And if you're a new parent, you have enough to worry about. But New York City families with a December baby can get a free ride (up to $50) courtesy of Diapers.com.

“The Diapers.com tagline for years has been ‘we deliver everything but the baby.’ Now we’re taking our dedication to mom a step further and delivering the baby home,” says Maria Renz, CEO at Quidsi, which operates Diapers.com.

“Convenience is key for new moms and we want them to see Diapers.com as a trusted resource they can count on from Day 1. With our year-round free overnight shipping in New York City, mom can even have her baby care necessities from Diapers.com waiting at her doorstep when she returns home from the hospital.”

This "Baby's First Ride Home" intiative is an exension of the services they already offer making being a new parent either: the site specializes in overnight delivery of baby care items.


To take advantage of the free ride home, call 1-800-Diapers or visit diapers.com/babysfirstridehome.

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